How to Get Just the Right Six Pack Abs

6 pack abs The human body needs to exercise for keeping itself fit. But if you plan to achieve a flat stomach with some great six pack abs, you will need to do more than just exercise. To achieve six pack abs you need a complete lifestyle makeover. A good healthy lifestyle paired with just the right type and amount of abs exercises, will get you in a shape you have always dreamt of having.

Read on further if you want to know how to get six packs within weeks. But to retain those abs, you will need a lot of determination.


The Six Pack Diet

If you are planning on getting a flat stomach with perfect abs while eating the fast food from your favorite joint, then continue dreaming. Not just fast food, but you have to consider many other things when it comes to six pack abs diet. Any food item that may cause bloating are strictly off limits. This may include the foods that are rich in salt, carbonated drinks and even a few vegetables. Some of the food items in this category that need to be avoided are potato chips, beer, French fries, cabbage, beans, broccoli and onions.

You should include a protein shake in your diet. This will help you do better six pack abs workouts. However, sometimes the protein shake may cause bloating too. This is because of the artificial flavors and sweeteners in the protein powder. You may also be lactose intolerant that may be the cause of this problem. Whatever the case, find out the foods that causes you to bloat and remove them from your diet. Also, find other alternatives to protein shakes if you can’t drink that.

Another key point in your six pack abs diet is that you should increase your fiber intake. This will keep your colon clean and effectively reduce the chances of bloating. Eating fruit and vegetables are always healthy and hence, make sure you are getting enough of them. Most important of all, you should drink a lot of water. At least 10 to 12 cups of water are necessary for your body to remain hydrated and avoid constipation.

Six Pack Abs


The Workout Frequency

There is a difference between how long different individuals need to work out daily. There is a deep relationship between volumes of exercise with the intensity of exercises. Also, you need to set a definite goal that you have to reach. That goal will help determine what volume and intensity of workout is required.

If you want more dense and hard 6 pack abs, then you will require a high intensity workout but low volume. This means that you don’t have to do the six pack abs workout too long but it needs to be done more vigorously.

For any injury rehabilitation, lesser intensity with more frequency is required. If you are just doing the 6 pack workout for maintaining your figure, then you need a balance between the frequency and the intensity of the exercise.

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Six Pack Abs Workout

There are no six-pack shortcuts. You need to follow a complete and comprehensive set of exercises to get the required result. A few special exercises are very beneficial in attaining the perfect abs.

  • Strength:

You need to increase your strength for your abdomen to become strong. You need to work so hard on your abdominal muscles that you should feel them burn. The burning feeling is when you cannot possibly do another sit-up no matter what. That level of exhaustion is required.

Planks, sit ups, leg lifts and air bike are some of the proven exercises to increase strength. Most gyms also have a crunching machine, which is also very beneficial. Ball balancing is also helpful because it uses your abdominal muscles every time you try to balance the ball.

  • Cardio Exercise:

For removing the access abdominal fat, cardio exercises are very important along with your diet. A simple formula to follow is to eat fewer calories than what you are burning daily. This will help you reduce the fat efficiently.

Some simple cardio exercises are walking, jogging on the treadmill, riding a bike or even swimming. Start off slowly and increase your intensity or frequency as your heart becomes stronger.

ab exercises


Three of the most effective ab exercises are:


  • Hanging knee raising: this is done by hanging on some bar and then trying to lift your knee up till your chest and then straight down again.
  • Reverse crunches: start from lying on your back with your knees at a right angle. Then bring them back till they touch your chest. Then move back to the starting position.
  • Swill ball crunches: these are simple crunches but need an exercise ball. This is great for targeting your lower abs or the upper abs.




The truth about six pack abs is that there is no easy way to get them. You need to follow a very strict diet along with doing the right exercises. The best way to get a six pack is to remain motivated and have patience.

But as with any other routine, be sure to assess your health with a doctor or gym specialist. This determines whether your body and heart are strong enough to handle the extreme workouts.

Your diet should include a balance of all the food groups. You should include meats, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. Adapting a healthy lifestyle will ensure that you lose your belly weight more efficiently and thus, gain 6 pack abs much faster.

The ab workouts can be done at home or at the gym. Because most exercises require no extra equipment, you can easily do them at home or in your garden. But for more vigorous exercise and consultations, it is better to get a gym membership. A professional health trainer will guide you in an expert way to great the prefect abs.


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